Tantra massage for body and sensual relaxing

Erotic sensual tantric massage is more than usual touch of massage lady. It is something with sensuality, a piece of eroticism, it will show you a world of dep pleasure, excitment and total body and mind relaxation.

Your senses and your body will be full of new sensual and sexual energy and your body will be in total harmony. You will feel more free and more released.


Our invitation to the luxury salon with first class services, tantra massage is offering erotic, sensual tantric massage in spacious, comfortable massage areas and rooms with enogh intimacy and privacy.

Tantric massage is starting with confidential welcome ritual with pleasant and beautiful tantra lady, which will gradually transferred you through the very sensual Namaste Ritual, during which closer contact between two bodies is starting and your body and mind are staring to open.

Rituals are full of decent and delicate eroticism, sensuality and they are full of sensual touches.

Offer of various kinds of tantra massages is wide, you can choose from very basic massage, which is suitable for a person with no experiences in intimacy and sensual touch massage, through very special programmes as romantic massage, Magic, Love Game, Senzual, Mutual Body, Couple, 4 Hands tantra massage.


When you are interested in sensuality, intimacy touches, magical romantic atmosphere with candles, bottle of wine, chocolate Magic Tantra is the special programme for you. You will be invited with a charming tantra lady, bottle of wine, pieces of sensual chocolate to the world of unknown sexuality and body touch massages. Dazzling and gently wavy tantra lady will slowly undress from her very exciting and erotic lingerie, she will follow with massage of your body and your intimate parts with a very big piece of sensuality and you will feel a taste of personal, body and mind relaxation.

After this massage you will have enogh time for pleasant relaxation and you will be able gradually transfer to the real life